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D/D Ele Could use some help. Coming back to the game

Ridire de na Iomproidh
Ridire de na Iomproidh
Posted On: 07/04/2014 at 10:45 PM

Current Build:


Recently came back to the game (still trying to shake the rust off).  I stopped playing in January due to college and work at the time.  Just started again and, well, quite a lot has changed.  Original plan was to make two Soldier's Ascended Daggers, but I am thinking about something like below (the amulet I will replace first, unless it is worth replacing it later, I picked the Celestial one at the time because it was the best all around improvement for my character).


One possible idea when I start working on Ascended gear again:


On the second link, none of the traits are assigned due to me not keeping up with the changes (so the stats look lower, with my trait setup as the first link, it sits around 2.2k armor, 15.5k health).  Most of the gear is beserkers (just an idea).  The way I would like to see it, is being able to take a hit, while dishing out a large or even larger hit back.


Any and all suggestions will be wonderful, and hopefully some answers to the questions below.  This character ran groups with Spartan in the Dagger Group, and I used it extensively in WvW, so I took it more to the tanky build above (first link).  I love the D/D Ele playstyle due to how quick it is (or at least it is quite quick for me).


1.  What is the best way to get Empyreal Fragments?

2.  Any suggestions to start getting Ascended pieces, or is it just faster to craft them?

I really cannot think of anymore questions.

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Ard Tiarna de na Iomproidh Bán
Ard Tiarna de na Iomproidh Bán
  • ESO: @Aingealanlann
Replied On: 07/05/2014 at 11:18 AM PDT
  • PSN

Edge of the Mists or find a group and roam camps and towers on an enemy BL this week for your Empyreal Frags. I have tons and tons of them that I'd give you if I could. RNG on Ascended drops is terrible, going to need to craft if you want them fast. Otherwise you'll be waiting forever before you have a full set of the gear you WANT.


As far as taking a hit and then dealing one right back, you're best bet is to combine Valk, Zerk, and PVT gear in a combination that works for you, but keeps you under 30% crit chance. 20-25% is really ideal. The rest comes up to dodging, using the right slot skills, and keeping up with your opponents to stay alive. Its what I run on my mes and it works really well in a fight, especially when I'm on a tag, and not THE tag. Different sets of movements and rules for when you are leading a bigger group. But being a follower in the little group, stick close to your commander, time your dodges, have the right skills at your fingertips (lots of invulns and defensive utilities on eles to make sure you stay alive), and you should have no problem staying alive while dishing out plenty of damage.

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Let's Play Destiny 2 on PlayStation Adventure
Destiny 2     6
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