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Elder Scrolls Online: Men'Do's Travel Stories & Advice Column, Vol. #1

Taoiseach de na Arach Glas
Taoiseach de na Arach Glas
  • GW2: Foghladha.2506
  • ESO: @Foley
Posted On: 08/17/2015 at 11:45 AM
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News from: Elder Scrolls Online

Welcome to our new community column where one of Tamriel's most famous (or perhaps infamous) adventuring Khajiit, Men'Do, shares stories of his travels and offers words of wisdom. In our first volume, Men'Do discusses his views on bathing, shares tips for Provisioning, and more!

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"It's not the loot and accolades you walk away with, it's the memories and friendships that you cherish forever." - Foghladha
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