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Earning Contribution

Earning Contribution & Family Vault Credits

Within the Gaiscioch Family there are 3 values that are required to level within the family. The first being Family Honor Points which you earn from participating in the family. The second is Tokens of Valor which are given to you by members lower rank than yourself for excellent leadership abilities. The last is Contribution, which you earn by giving to the family.

Family Vault Credits

Family Vault Credits can be used to request crafted items or crafting supplies in the Marketplace. Family Vault Credits are obtained by earning Family Honor Points and Contribution. For every Family Honor Point or Contribution Point you earn, you will gain 1 Family Vault Credit.


Contribution can be earned by participating in special events & contests, donating items, or filling work orders for crafted items and supplies via Marketplace. Additionally you can donate any Purple Weapons, Armor, Augments, or Any Color Recipe to Foghladha (Guardian) or Foghlada (Defiant) for contribution credit. Occasionally we will place high demand crafting supplies on the available donations list below for additional credit.

Available for Donation:

The following items may be donated by sending the items to Foghladha (Guardian) or Foghlada (Defiant) for contribution credit. This list is updated monthly to reflect the amount of surplus goods we have and need. Items that appear on this list are low in our surplus and we are looking to replenish them. In some cases of "High Demand" we may apply a multiplier to the donated item giving x2 or in some "Very High Demand" cases x3 their contribution value. Check back often for new additions to this hot list.

Item Vault Contribution Value Item Vault Contribution Value Item Vault Contribution Value